The Forest Rangers

  1. A Goodbye (feat. Audra Mae)
  2. Man In the Moment (feat. Amos Lee)
  3. Land Ho! (feat. Ravi Coltrane)
  4. Trying to Believe You're Mine (feat. Alison Mosshart of The Kills)
  5. Gotta Love (feat. Justin Warfield)
  6. I'm Alive 
  7. Come On Back (feat. Battleme)
  8. On Our Way (feat. Katey Sagal)
  9. Life Goes On
  10. Blue Angel (feat. Billy Valentine)
  11. So-Called Life


Bob thiele & the forest rangers


“If there was a house band playing at the Sons of Anarchy’s clubhouse every Friday night, the Forest Rangers would be the band,” says Bob Thiele.

    The Rangers – heard almost every week on the popular FX drama “Sons of Anarchy,” and prominently featured on Columbia Records’ three soundtrack albums for the show – wouldn’t be out of place hanging at the Teller-Morrow clubhouse in Charming, CA. And Thiele – who composes the show’s music and acts as leader of the Forest Rangers – could be considered the group’s equivalent of SAMCRO leader Clay Morrow himself.

    The Rangers had their genesis when Thiele – a longtime fixture of the L.A. music scene, and son of the legendary producer, songwriter, and label executive Bob Thiele – and guitarist Dave Kushner of Velvet Revolver co-wrote the theme for “Sons of Anarchy.” Thiele was also drafted to compose original music for the show and direct recording for the series.

    “By the time of the sixth or seventh episode of the first season,” Thiele says, “I began to see that this could be a continuing thing. This is an entity that has a defined sound. It has a core group of members. So why not?”

    Most of the “members” of the Forest Rangers have long associations with Thiele and with each other. “We’ve all played with each other in the studio – on various records, demos, whatever,” Thiele explains.


Guitars: Bob Thiele, Jr., Greg Leisz, Billy Harvey, Val McCallum, Dave Kushner

Keyboards: Phil Shenale

Bass: Davey Faragher, Bob Glaub, Sebastian Steinberg

Drums: Matt Chamberlain, Don Heffington, Michael Urbano

Backing Vocals: Gia Ciambotti

Special Guests Include:

Franky Perez, Katey Sagal, Audra Mae, Alison Mosshart, The White Buffalo, Battleme, Billy Valentine, Amos Lee, Ravi Coltrane and Chris Goss